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Twelve tables in the heart of Modena

Italian hospitality is in the details, the ironed tablecloths and the polished silver.
It is an ensemble of gestures that define a way of life. The table is where the journey begins.

Osteria Francescana - Massimo Bottura - Modena, Italy - restaurant

Italian culinary traditions
seen from ten kilometers away

Our kitchen is not a list of ingredients or demonstration of technical abilities. It is a narration of the Italian landscape and our passions.
Cooking is a collision of ideas, techniques, and cultures. It is not mathematical. It is emotional.

Artwork is a landscape of ideas

Every object reveals a layer of meaning. Contemporary art is an inspiration, a guide and a muse.
From Maurizio Cattelan to Damien Hirst to Duane Hanson, art is an invitation to discover.

Osteria Francescana - Massimo Bottura - Modena, Italy